Complimentary Whitepaper

Committing to Data Privacy Compliance

The California Consumer Privacy Act And Steps to Prepare

California’s new data privacy law, The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA), is ushering in a new era of consumer privacy protections in the U.S. The law took effect on the first of January and, although enforcement will not begin until July, California’s Attorney General has announced that immediate compliance is expected. However many corporations are still lagging behind in their readiness efforts. To ensure regulatory compliance, there are a handful of steps organizations can take to help reduce operational and reputational risk. This paper explains the essential components of each and shows how legal and compliance teams can position the organization to comply successfully, and be ready to illustrate that compliance by the time enforcement begins

Key initiatives, which can help reduce regulatory, operational and reputational risk, while establishing preparedness for CCPA enforcement, include:

  • Readiness and Risk Assessments
  • Data Mapping•Updating Privacy Notices
  • Managing Consent and Documenting Personal Data “Sales”
  • Preparation for Responding to Data Rights Requests
  • Training and Awareness

For a detailed analysis of the new regulation as well as an explanation of how to execute the above initiatives, please read our whitepaper.