Complimentary Webinar Series

Complimentary 6 Part Webinar Series on Information Governance

Gain instant access to Contoural's On-Demand Webinar Series to learn the latest updates, tips, and processes to help ensure your business is implementing the right Information Governance strategy

Information governance is the implementation of a holistic approach to securing, managing & sharing corporate business information. A well-thought-out Information Governance approach is necessary to make information assets available to those who need it while streamlining management, reducing storage costs and remaining compliant. Gain instant access to this comprehensive On-Demand webinar series created by the expert team at Contoural.

Broken into 6 separate training modules for easy consumption, you’ll learn the latest information about the following topics:

  • Part 1 - An Introduction to Information Governance
  • Part 2 - Modern Records & Information Management
  • Part 3 - An Overview of Privacy and Data Classification
  • Part 4 - Achieving Litigation Readiness
  • Part 5 - Data Placement and Defensible Disposition
  • Part 6 - Behavior Change Management