Complimentary Webinar Series

How does CCPA and State Privacy affect your business?

Gain instant access to Contourals On-Demand Webinar Series to learn the latest updates, tips, and processes to help ensure your business is implementing the right Information Governance strategy.

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Is your business ready for the new California Consumer Privacy Act that is in effect as of January 1, 2020? What happens with other states implement the same or similar legislation? Being prepared today will help you avoid serious problems tomorrow.

Gain instant access to this comprehensive On-Demand webinar series created by the expert team at Contoural.

Broken into 9 separate modules for easy consumption, you’ll learn the latest information about the following topics:

  • Part 1 - CCPA and State Privacy Overview and Updates
  • Part 2 - Modern Records & Information Management
  • Part 2 - How to Plan a Privacy Law Project
  • Part 3 - Creating Personal Data Inventories
  • Part 4 - Creating and Maintaining an Updated Privacy Policy
  • Part 5 - Managing Files and Emails Containing Personal Data
  • Part 6 - Developing Six Key Privacy Processes
  • Part 7 - Legacy Personal Information Deletion
  • Part 8 - Privacy Organizational Development
  • Part 9 - CCPA Lessons Learned

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